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Nylon bag

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Nylon bag

Ultrasonic welding filter bag plastic ring: ring junction mouth and body bags are made of seamless, no medium welding sonic welding, collar may need to select a different shape with different diameter
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Ultrasonic welding filter bag plastic ring: ring junction mouth and body bags are made of seamless, no medium welding sonic welding, collar may need to select a different shape with different diameters quality plastic collar, filter materials can also choose different precision or a variety of different filter materials, usually applied relatively high precision bag.

Bag works: Micron liquid filter bag filter made ??of quality made ??or imported, can effectively remove the liquid needs to be cleared of solid matter; liquid through micron filter bag when impurities are accurately captured in the filter bags deep, complete the filtration process.

Filtration materials: different solutions depending on the filter, filter selectable PE or PP carpet mat (on the map material); also be used nylon monofilament, polyester monofilament filter, which is widely used in high and low temperature, pH different environments medium.


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